Hi, My name is Stephanie, proud mother of Jake (14) whose beautiful life was ended violently (self-inflicted gunshot) after 46 days on Prozac, 31st Jan 2013.. Jake was given this drug for exam anxiety!! Jake had Aspergers, a condition not an illness..he did not have depression nor did he have any other disorder.

Jake was living an ordinary 14yr old's life until Prozac came into our world, we as Jakes parents were never told what this drug was, we were never given an information leaflet & I never signed a consent form...If only..

Here in Ireland they got around the guidelines for prescribing Jake by using off-label prescribing. Wow, was this an eye opener, how is this even legal?.

We had a .22 rifle in our home due to us been members of a gun club, this was known to the prescriber..

Jake had his first reaction after 6 days, first meltdown & walked out of an exam halfway through..We just thought the exams were the cause, never associated the meds until it was too late.

Jakes dosage was doubled after 7 days without been monitored, he was seen again 19days after starting Prozac, I told about what was happening, "this will wear off in 4-6 weeks", I was told, I trusted..

19th March 2013 Jake used the gun on himself in his bedroom, we his parents were downstairs, we got Jake to hospital, he was taken to operating theatre, Jake could not be saved, he bled to death..we turned his life support off...20th March 2013.

We have fought & fought for the truth at Jakes inquest, the HSE fought us hard, in the end the coroner rejected a suicide verdict & recorded an open verdict based on an email Jake wrote 24hrs before he passed away, he wrote "I feel drugged out of my mind"..he was 14...