Eileen O'Hara had 10 years of her life stolen by antidepressants

I'm Eileen

I started taking Prozac in 1999 to help me deal with a difficult divorce.

That xmas I remember being at my parents and I confided to me sister that I felt like I was "climbing the walls!"

So much so, I asked her to call NHS Direct.

By the year 2000 I had developed a full-blown psychosis.

And within a month of this: had become homeless, lost care and control of my children and had been completely ostracised by friends and family.

I tried a number of different SSRI's over the course of the next 9 years.

Each time I came off them, I became psychotic.

Each time I lost my home and my carefully reconstructed life affecting my financial security and alienation from friends and family.

One of the worst times was when I ended up homeless on the streets of Plymouth.

Throughout this whole tumultuous time;I managed;against all the odds,to maintain contact with my precious sons Sam and Joe.

Finally after an admission to a psychiatric ward in 2009, I was given a diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder.

What is interesting is that since then I have never taken or been offered further SSRI's and have not had an episode since then.

On my GP's screen is says: Bi-Polar Disorder-Full Remission.

Does this mean that I  no longer have it?