Tessera Kate and Samantha Joy had their lives stolen when their Dad stabbed them after  becoming psychotic. He was   taking Prozac and sleeping tablets. 

I'm Kim Crespi, and I want to tell you about how the lives of our whole family have been stolen by antidepressants.  10 years ago, my husband, David, a successful bank executive, was given a cocktail of medications including Prozac for stress at work. He went into a psychotic state  and stabbed  our beloved twins, Tessera Kate and Samantha Joy.  They were five years old.  He was so delusional, at one point he told police the lawn sprinklers were telling him to kill.  It was only after he'd been sentenced for murder that he came off the drugs and realised what he had done. We  are appealing to get his conviction overturned.

Their website is: www.crespifamilyhope.org


You can read more about their story in The Pill That Steals Lives.