I'm Bob and I was prescribed Seroxat for work-related stress. Like many of the other SSRi-type drugs, it suppressed my empathy ~ I didn't really care much about anything . Trying to come off it  was a nightmare, it took me around 19 months to taper from 40mg per day to 22mg per day using the disgusting, vile-tasting liquid Seroxat. On month 19 I decided enough was enough and went cold turkey (Not Recommended) ~ It was possibly the worst three months of my life. Electric zaps jolting through my entire body, bizarre nightmares, profuse sweating, noise intolerance (that I still have to this day) and thoughts of harming others.

Bob Fiddaman's story is featured in The Pill That Steals Lives and he is a tireless campaigner.

He runs the blogspot : fiddaman.blogspot.co.uk

He and 100 other Seroxat sufferers are taking Glaxo to court this year or next in the UK's first ever class action against a drug company.  Its  taken them 10 years of constantly flighting to get legal aid and representation. To begin with there were over 300 claimants.  Many of these people claim to  have been permanently harmed by Seroxat.

For further details visit: www.fortitudelaw.uk -the law firm representing them