Meeting with the Nordic cochrane Centre

Yesterday I flew to Copenhagen for a meeting with a man who I respect a great deal. Peter Gotzsche probably needs no introduction to most of you reading this. His work to publicise the results of unpublished drug trials is a huge step towards getting people to understand the truth behind medication. Details of his book are in the Useful Information section on this site. 

We discussed many things, but as I left Copenhagen, my mind couldn't let go of a tragic story he had told me. A young woman,  is incarcerated in prison in Holland for killing her two children. On a Sunday evening in October 2013 she took a kitchen knife and cut the throats of her 6 year old daughter and disabled son.   She had been taking Seroxat and from talking to Peter, who acted as a witness in the original trial, she seemed to have all the signs of an adverse drug reaction. She had akathisia, she  had violent dreams of killing her kids, and after it happened, she kept saying "What possessed me". 

I know from my own experience, that when people become psychotic from antidepressants they are unable to distinguish between dreams and reality iIs a common experience to hallucinate about death, and killing and that the consequences of this can be the person killing someone without knowing it. It nearly happened to me when I was psychotic on lexapro (escitalopram). I thought I'd killed my kids, but in fact I'd attacked myself with a knife. It could easily be the other way round. 

I left Copenhagen determined to find out more, and to help this woman who is fighting to have her case appealed in the Supreme Court. 

I'll keep you all posted as to my progress...