getting the first copy of my book

On Friday 24 June, I just couldn't concentrate all day. You see, I knew today was the day when I was going to get the first copy of my book , The Pill That Steals Lives.  I tried to limit the amount of emails I sent to my editor at John Blake, the publisher of my book. I tried to email about different things and then slip in, oh by the way, just wondering, do you think I may actually get a copy today and if so, kind of what time do you think that may be.... 

You see, for me, the significance of this book goes beyond just telling the story of the year my life was stolen by SSRI antidepressants.  Its because I've been entrusted by world leading experts and most importantly many, many people whose lives have been destroyed by antidepressants and whose stories are in the book. 

I'm honoured to tell their stories and it is my greatest wish that   The Pill that Steals Lives will stop other lives being stolen.

Thank you everyone who has contributed.