Young deaths in the Priory

Today there were many postings about the tragic death of 14 year old Amy El-Keria who hung herself at The Priory after being forcibly injected with medication.

There is another case, not dissimilar, which is featured in my book where I interview the mum of George Werb. He was just 15 when he was let out from The Priory for the weekend and within a day had killed himself by jumping under a train. His last notes revealed that he thought he was being poisoned by the medications he had been given.  His parents now believe he was right. 

Here is the problem. The staff at The Priory or many other psychiatric hospitals, do not realise that its a very possible side effect of the medication that these kids (and also adults) are becoming suicidal. 

This is  going unrecorded in inquests and everyone  becomes outraged  about the apparent negligence of the staff.  These deaths will not stop until we create a greater awareness that a very significant number of people become suicidal because of the medication. 

I know, I was one of them. If I'd died, everyone would have blamed the staff at the psychiatric hospital I was at for not stopping it. But what is the real culprit here.?