The Pill That Steals Lives is a not for profit organisation that publicises the dangerous side effects of SSRI antidepressants. Whilst antidepressants can save lives, for some (between 1 and 4 % of users) , they can  be lethal and  can steal lives permanently.  No one knows why, but all SSRI antidepressants  can have a paradoxical effect  causing ordinary people with no history of mental illness to become suicidal or homicidal. 

This campaign was started by documentary film maker Katinka Blackford Newman.  She discovered the lethal side effects of antidepressants through personal experience. While going through a divorce she was suffering insomnia and was given the SSRI escitalopram.  She went into a four day toxic delirium, stabbing herself, believing she had killed her children and thinking she was being filmed. 

Once better, she went on a journey of discovery, interviewing world experts and discovering a hidden epidemic of people who have killed themselves and others as a result of these pills.  She discovered it was luck that she didn't kill herself or her kids, as often happens when people go into an antidepressant induced psychosis. 

The result of her investigations led her to write a bestselling book:

The Pill That Steals Lives, One Woman's Terrifying Journey To Discover The Truth about Antidepressants, by  Katinka Blackford Newman is published by  John Blake Books, £8.99, Available UK bookshops, Amazon and in most countries. 

The research from her book has prompted  a 1 hour BBC Panorama Special, A Prescription for Murder (TX July 2017)  that investigates whether  an antidepressant could be the cause of  one of the worst mass killings of this century.  

This website is a platform for those whose lives have been adversely  affected by antidepressants

There’s a Stolen Lives Section where you can email  a short synopsis (max 200 words) about a life that has been stolen (temporarily or permanently)  through  antidepressant (or antipsychotic) medication along with a photo. 

Katinka Blackford Newman has also been an expert witness in criminal  court cases involving antidepressant related crimes.  She works in collaboration with leading criminal barristers in cases where people have  committed crimes allegedly because of antidepressants.  

If you think you have committed a crime as a result of intoxication from antidepressantor for any other enquiries, please email  in the first instance.


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2 min campaign film

Our Story So Far



While going through a divorce I  took an antidepressant and I went into a four-day toxic psychosis with violent hallucinations, imagining I had killed my kids and in fact attacking myself  with a knife. It was luck I didn't kill myself or them. 

 More pills resulted in a year long decline when I went from being a go-getting, fit, globe trotting career woman and mum to wandering around in a dirty old dressing gown, unable to leave the house, chain smoking and dribbling. It was luck I got better. I  was taken to a different hospital that took me off all the medication and within weeks of agonising cold turkey, I recovered fully. Within weeks I was back at work and training for a half marathon.  We discovered I had got off lightly as I found there are many around the world whose lives have been permanently stolen by antidepressants. 

In September 2015, two years after I got better, me and my children Lily and Oscar, who are now 14 and 15 decided we would publicise our story to stop this happening to others. We've been contacted by many people with similar stories. 










Now available  in UK bookshops and published worldwide 

The book has been  endorsed by leading academic and world expert on antidepressants Professor David Healy:

“If you think this case is exceptional, think again. Katinka Blackford Newman eloquently and vividly describes a medical horror coming your way soon”

And by Professor Peter Gotzsche of the Nordic Cochrane Centre:

"This book describes in vivid detail how ordinary people can become murderers if they take antidepressant drugs and how psychiatry can destroy people. Its a catching personal testimony about what is wrong with psychiatry, its love affair with unscientific diagnoses and harmful drugs, and its blindness towards the fact that what looks like psychiatric diseases are often side effects of psychiatric drugs".




For all professional enquires please contact my agent:

Adrian Sington